Paternity Attorneys

Children conceived and born outside of marriage have all the needs and vulnerabilities of those born to married couples. However, when parents are not married, they must take action to establish the identity of the child’s father in the eyes of the law.

There are important reasons to take this step voluntarily when the child is born or soon afterward — but mothers sometimes wait until deciding that they need child support, and purported fathers may hold off unless they are ordered to pay support or want to forge a relationship with the child. At that point, paternity itself and the orders that may follow from establishing paternity are likely to be contested.

Balanced, Comprehensive Representation for Mothers and (Alleged) Fathers

Today, DNA testing for paternity is painless, reliable and readily available. That means a definitive answer about parentage is relatively simple to get. At Finley & Lauber LLC, our attorneys advise and represent both mothers and fathers in Missouri paternity cases. Our experience in this complex area of law is wide-ranging. We can provide highly effective guidance and advocacy if you are:

  • A mother who wishes to establish legal fatherhood for your child, often to obtain an enforceable child support order.
  • An alleged biological father who wants the legal right to pursue involvement in a child’s life by establishing a parenting schedule.

Why Take Steps to Establish Legal Paternity?

A petition to establish parentage can be filed in the Missouri county where the mother, alleged father or child resides. There are practical benefits for all parties involved. Specifically, children get not only definite answers about their heritage, but often access to insurance and other benefits through the father. Men can put to rest looming, very real concerns about child support. Finally, the door may be opened for a vital, long-term relationship.

Our law firm, with offices located on the beautiful and historic Liberty Square, is widely recognized for our ability to handle the most complex and divisive disputes. To request a consultation with a lawyer who will assist you in your parenting action, call 816-781-6595 or reach out to us online now.

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