Child Support

Child Support

Attorneys for Child Support Concerns

Child support is a major consideration for parents who divorce, and also for many unmarried parents. If you will pay support, it is essential to ensure that the facts and numbers used to set the amount are accurate. You also need a strong sense of what that amount will be, so that you can plan accordingly. If you will receive child support, our lawyers can assist you in securing a fair order as well as help if you need it with a modification or enforcement down the road.

Protecting Parents’ Financial Interests: Initial Orders, Modifications and Disputes

Every aspect of a divorce with children — or a paternity dispute — is stressful and laden with worry about the future. You need a knowledgeable attorney who will monitor the details carefully for protection of your financial interests.

Consider that:

  • Although initial child support determinations are guideline- and formula-based, the calculations required are complex and must be based on accurate data.
  • Missouri law provides for various deviations from child support guidelines. Judges have wide discretion in deviating the amount of child support paid in each case. Legal advice in this area is critical.
  • Child support is subject to modification when parents undergo significant, relevant changes in circumstances. It can also be extended beyond the age of 18 under certain conditions.

Get the Direct, Reliable Child Support Guidance You Need

At Finley & Lauber LLC, we work rigorously to help clients obtain fair, accurate child support orders initially and to obtain support modifications when circumstances change. As a go-to firm for individuals throughout Cass, Clay, Jackson & Platte counties, we have an in-depth understanding of complex child support issues that often arise in low-asset to high-asset divorce, modification and paternity cases.

If you are divorcing with children or have other concerns that involve child support, we are here to help. Call 816-781-6595 or reach out to our formidable family team online to request a helpful, informative consultation.

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