Missouri Lawyers trained in Mediation

If you are facing divorce or any serious family law dispute, you have several options other than trying to negotiate an agreement on your own or taking the matter before a judge to decide. One of our foremost strengths at Finley & Lauber LLC is our ability to identify the best paths to resolution for family law clients with wide-ranging needs, goals and communication styles.

Are You Focused on Reaching Fair Resolution Without Further Escalating Conflict? Then turn to Certified Mediators and Proven Litigators.

Due to our credentials and our reputations for balance and integrity, we are often recommended, selected and appointed as mediators for complex divorce and child custody cases. We prepare and guide clients through mediation as well.

Are You Focused on Reaching Fair Resolution Without Further Escalating Conflict?

Often times in Missouri, couples that cannot settle custody issues on their own are required to participate in mediation. The primary reasons people choose mediation include objectives such as:

  • Keeping control of critical, far-reaching decisions within the family, rather than allowing a judge to make them based on far more limited information.
  • Arriving at agreements that are more likely to be sustainable than those handed down after litigation, because both parties were involved in forging those agreements.
  • Containing costs and minimizing intense conflict that can adversely affect everyone involved, including children.

Mediation provides a structured process that is less rigidly formal than litigation, allowing for participation by those who ultimately must live with the outcome of the final court documents.

To discuss your legal challenges and practical, effective ways to approach them that you may not have considered, contact us at 816-781-6595 to schedule a mediation session at our law office located in the beautiful and historic Liberty Square. We represent women and men facing all types of serious family law concerns in Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte and surrounding counties.

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